Mediation is generally considered as being quicker and more cost-efficient than litigation.

Because of trial delays, the uncertainty of results of a trial, and possible subsequent appeal of the decision.

The court system can take months or even years to bring a case to trial to resolve their dispute before a judge. Appeals may take as long as 2 years after the trial to be decided.

If both parties are open to trying a more cost-effective mediation or arbitration, parties can potentially resolve the problem in a matter of days to a few short weeks.

For mediation to succeed, all parties must be willing to compromise in order to reach a solution. In doing so, mediation has the potential to reduce hostility, making communication between parties less adversarial and more amicable.

Because mediation sessions are confidential, the discussions between parties towards settlement cannot be repeated at trial and out of public access or domain. Your settlements are not accessible to outside parties.

Add to this the avoidance of expensive court fees, as well as attorney fees, and mediation or arbitration dispute resolution becomes an attractive alternative for many parties.

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