Families often get into conflict over many different topics

We bring a fair and respectful process where all parties are heard and we work to bring the parties together to a fair agreement.

 Most of the disputes involve divorce and separation issues: The dispute could be over property, finances or child contact and can occur at any time particularly when a relationship breaks up or later down the line if circumstances change or one person breaches the terms of a court order or wants to vary the terms of a court order.

We often work with the attorneys for the parties to
the dispute to avoid the high cost and delays of a court hearing or trial.

Financial agreements, property division, how to handle joint debt, QRDOs, spousal support, private school or
post-high school education expenses

Family separation cases, relocation, property division, financial support

Parenting plans, visitation, education tuition sharing, vacation time-sharing

Child custody, changes to custody orders, and abduction cases

Divorce, separation, property division mediation, spousal support

Lawyer assisted mediation

Grandparents rights, visitation, custody

Inheritance disputes

Eldercare and elder abuse, financial abuse

Conflicts involving extended family members

Family business and partnerships disputes

Estranged family members