Mediated Solutions of Hawai'i LLC

Experienced legal dispute resolution through a fair,
timely, and confidential processes

Mediated Solutions of Hawai’i LLC

Experienced legal dispute resolution through a fair, timely, and confidential processes

Fair resolution for civil and family disputes

Mediated Solutions Hawai’i is a dispute resolution service which provides experienced mediation and arbitration solutions to parties facing family law litigation or other conflicts.

We offer mediation and arbitration services with affordable fixed fee and hourly rates and offer an alternative to the emotionally stressful, complexity and high financial costs of litigation and going to trial in court.

We also offer the fair mediation and arbitration process to settle civil claims including construction, real estate, commercial, and personal injury/tort claims.

Families who find themselves in a dispute over child custody, child support, visitation, legal aspects of separation, divorce, property settlement or other issues can be facilitated and resolved through a fair mediated process outside of a courtroom.

With over 40 years of experience in civil litigation, commercial arbitrations and mediation, Mr. Nagle has been a successful trial attorney, representing a diverse client base, including building contractors, developers, insurers and injured claimants in Hawai’i State courts on all islands, and United States District Court for the District Of Hawai’i. Mr. Nagle has also briefed and argued appeals before the Hawai’i state appellate courts and the United States Court Of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and has tried cases before the Hawai’i State Supreme Court.

Our experience in resolving family-related disputes as a Per Diem Judge in the Hawai’i Family Court and presided over divorce, child custody, child welfare service, juvenile criminal, domestic violence cases, including trials, settlements, motions and post-trial adjudications for more than 20 years.

We provide parties with an affordable and expedited alternative to litigation, saving money, stress, and time for the parties.